MSGM S/S 2017

Stylish white dress worn by models.
(Image credit: Jason Loyd-Evans)

Mood board: Sleek, sporty and speedy, Massimo Giorgetti's collection for MSGM whizzed by at the tune of technicolor light. Highly functional and yet pumped up with new volumes, this show perfectly gelled quirky proportions, pop color and fresh layering with a wear-it-now attitude.

Best in show: Though Giorgetti showed some accomplished wave-making with his smock dresses on steroids, the most delightful pieces in this show were also the most wearable. He transformed a boring argyle sweater into a covetable must-have vest in bright pink, blue and white and paired it beautifully with a slouchy set of lemon trousers and mannish white shirt.

Finishing touches: Every look came grounded in a pair of no-nonsense running shoes with bright neon colored tops and white soles that kept the models racing around the show and yet fully glued to their ground mission of street cool.

Stylish black dress have vest in bright pink, blue and white wore by models.

(Image credit: Jason Loyd-Evans)

Orange, White, and Blue stripped dress

(Image credit: Jason Loyd-Evans)

Stylish white dress with floral print

(Image credit: Jason Loyd-Evans)

Orange, blue and white colored shoes and handbag.

(Image credit: Jason Loyd-Evans)


Photography: Jason Loyd-Evans

JJ Martin