APC opens in Seoul's cosmopolitan Itaewon neighbourhood

APC opens in Seoul’s
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With APC stores now present in 32 countries worldwide and counting, the laid-back French label's global take-over continues this month with the opening of its third standalone store in South Korea.

Spread over two floors of a building in Seoul's cosmopolitan Itaewon neighbourhood, the 80 sq m store is designed by APC's architect of choice Laurent Deroo, who has worked with the brand for over 15 years. While clearly communicating APC's understated style with clean lines and brutalist concrete flooring, Deroo has also incorporated local influences - most notably the store's wooden panelling, which wraps the central staircase and walls on the upper floor where it seamlessly morphs into shelves and storage.  

Morphs into shelves and storage

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APC Seoul

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A building in Seoul’s cosmopolitan Itaewon

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The central staircase and walls on the upper floor

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736-14 Hannam-dong
Yongsan-gu, Seoul