Men’s grooming products: these brands deliver dapper looks daily

These brands offer men’s grooming products to address your daily needs, from effective skincare to beard brilliance and convenient concealers

The Grey skincare men’s grooming products in white packaging
(Image credit: The Grey)

Our edit of brands offering the top men’s grooming products spans skincare, oral care, haircare and more to address all of your everyday grooming demands.  

Men’s grooming products: brands for your daily routine


Horace face skincare men’s grooming products in blue and white packaging

(Image credit: Horace)

Horace’s reasonable price point and efficacious formulations make it one of the best brands for men’s grooming products, both for those who are serious about their skincare and those who don’t know where to start. 

Its extensive range of products includes those for face, body, beard, hair, mouth, and fragrance, making it a reliable one-stop shop for all your grooming needs. We particularly like the convenient concealer pens and lightweight foundations. (opens in new tab)


Narcyss skincare products in white packaging against orange background

(Image credit: Narcyss)

Launched in 2021, Narcyss is a relatively new player on the grooming market that pairs sleek packaging with adaptogen-driven vegan skincare formulations. The types and uses of adaptogens are varied but, simply put, they are plants and fungi that respond to physical and toxic stressors – from pollutants in the air to the anxiety of everyday life – by modulating the release of stress hormones from the adrenal glands. Their particular magic is their ability to adapt to the specific demands and deficiencies of the individual body and, as a result, effectively combat feelings of stress, anxiety, fatigue and more.

Paris-based Narcyss uses adaptogens in its range of five products – a cleanser, serum, moisturiser, eye cream, and night mask – to rejuvenate the skin structure and help the microbiome adapt to changing environments. (opens in new tab)


The Pleasing Pen by Harry Styles men’s grooming products line, Pleasing

(Image credit: Pleasing)

It would be easy to dismiss Harry Styles’ beauty and grooming brand, Pleasing, as little more than a clever marketing ploy, but the products are, in fact, very good, with playful nail varnish shades, effective skincare products, and some of the best make-up pigments we have ever tried. 

When it comes to grooming, we recommend trying The Pleasing Pen, which combines a brightening eye roller, formulated with natural lingonberry, okra and hyaluronic salt,  and a lip treatment with soothing marshmallow in a convenient pen format. (opens in new tab)

The Grey 

The Grey men's grooming products line in white packaging

(Image credit: The Grey)

The Grey is a line of men’s grooming products with lightweight, highly absorbent skincare offerings that easily glide onto skin and don’t cling to facial hair. Along with the brand’s high-end face washes, serums and masks, the brand features effective sunscreens, shampoo, deodorant and supplements. 

Our favourite is The Grey’s Exfoliating Toning Pads, which offer a quick and refreshing face cleanse and are compact enough to be kept in a tote bag and used throughout the day, or packed in a gym bag for a post-workout exfoliation. (opens in new tab)

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