A guide to makeup for men with Boy de Chanel

Makeup artist Thom Walker on how best to wear Chanel's masculine cosmetics

Boy de Chanel moisturiser, concealer, 3-in-1 eye pencil, and nail polish
The new Boy de Chanel collection includes a gel moisturiser, concealer, 3-in-1 eye pencil, and nail polish.
(Image credit: Chanel)

Two years ago Chanel launched Boy de Chanel, a male makeup line that celebrated a modern, more fluid interpretation of masculinity through cosmetics. Now, the brand has expanded the line beyond its original foundation, lip balm and eyebrow pencil, to include a gel moisturiser, a three-in-one eye pencil, a concealer stick, and two nail polish shades.

Below, Chanel Beauty Ambassador and UK-based makeup artist Thom Walker shares his tips on best to wear the collection, whether you’re looking to naturally enhance your features, get expressive with a bold application, or simply trying to achieve healthy-feeling skin underneath your face mask. 

Boy de Chanel makeup collection for men including foundation, eyebrow pencil, 3-in-1 eyeshadow, moisturiser, and nail polish

(Image credit: Chanel)

W*: Can you share some tips on how the Boy de Chanel moisturizer and concealer only where needed can be used to achieve a base that won’t come off as easily on masks? 

Thom Walker: When wearing a mask, I find little useful tricks like cleaning the skin deeply both in the day and at night helps to keep skin clean and fresh.

Applying Boy De Chanel Fortifying Gel Moisturiser over the entire face and neck keeps skin looking healthy and hydrated. After that, apply a small amount of Boy de Chanel concealer around the eye area to help brighten and lift the skin. If you apply the concealer in a patting motion it will minimise the effect of any product transfer onto a mask.

Boy de Chanel natural male makeup look

(Image credit: Chanel)

W*: How can the three-in-one eye pencil be used to achieve a healthy, natural look? 

TW: To create a healthy look I love the Boy de Chanel ‘3-in-1' Eye Pencil in shade 614 Brown. What I love about these pencils is that you don’t have to be too neat with them – apply a rough line along the lash line, then blend and push the product in with your finger. 

I love to apply a little of the moisturiser over the top of the eyeliner to make it slightly creamier and transparent in its finish. The eye area will look healthy and natural whilst still giving it a little depth and drama. 

Boy de chanel natural male makeup look

(Image credit: Chanel)

W*: What is the biggest mistake you often see men making when using makeup to achieve a ‘natural look’? 

TW: It’s all about getting the shade right for your skin tone, you don’t want to go for anything lighter or darker than your natural skin shade. I recommend looking at product’s in natural day light, so that you know the shade is right for you. Also avoid applying makeup over facial hair as it can look caky and make it obvious you're wearing product on your skin. 

W*: How can the natural look outlined above be easily enhanced for a more intense look?

TW: For a more dramatic look try using the Navy or Black shade on Chanel 3-in-1 Eye Pencil. This time you can also add to the lower lash line for a more smoked out-look. If you want to intensify the look even more, apply the black pencil along the water line to really define your eyes.  

Boy de Chanel intense male makeup look

(Image credit: Chanel)

W*: Any tips you can share for men who are interested in wearing makeup but haven't done it before? 

TW: I’d say take time in selecting the right products for your skin and ask one of the advisors on counter for help if you can. Start introducing one or two products into your already existing skincare routine. That way you won’t feel like you’ve made a huge leap into the unknown.

I’d also say start with small amounts of product on the skin, you can always add more. It's more difficult to take it off and start again, than build up. 
W*: Can you share tips on the best way to cover up mask rash or mascne?

TW: This is something I have been asked a lot recently. Try being kind on your skin – drink lots of water and when you can let your skin breathe, let it. In the mean time use a very fine eyeliner brush to apply concealer directly to the blemish, using your finger to defuse the edges and blend away any remaining product. 



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