Isamaya drops a new rodeo-themed make-up collection

Wild Star is the newest collection from Isamaya, the cosmetics line by celebrated make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench

Isamaya Wild Star rodeo-themed make-up collection with make-up products in gold and rhinestones
Isamaya Wild Star make-up collection, a rhinestone-infused tribute to rodeo
(Image credit: Isamaya)

Make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench has just unveiled the latest edition to her Isamaya beauty line. Titled ‘Wild Star’, the new drop is tribute to the kitsch and swagger of the rodeo, with five new products packaged in gold and emblazoned with rhinestones and horses. 

The collection includes a pearlescent highlighter stick with a moisturising, but non-sticky, finish that is great for cheekbones, lips and lids, not to mention collarbones and shoulders.

The Lash Lasso mascara is designed to create chunky, curved lashes, while lipliners in shades of brown are perfect for creating the 1990s lip trend of the moment or for use as an eyeliner. 

Make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench campaign for new rodeo-themed Isamaya Wild Star make-up line

The campaign for the Isamaya Wild Star collection

(Image credit: Isamaya)

There are also three lipsticks in glittery copper, red, and pink that, with their capacity to complement any skin tone, demonstrate Ffrench’s mastery of colour (which also saw her called upon to help create the debut Byredo make-up line in 2020).

The showstopper of the Isamaya Wild Star collection, though, is the Pressed Pigment Palette for eyes, which looks like a glitzy belt-buckle. Inside are 12 glittery shades of eyeshadow that range from subtle beiges and ruddy browns to electric pink and Barney purple.

For those unsure of how to use such colours, Ffrench recommends creating a smoked-out wing using the matte neutral shades and highlighting the inner corner of the eye with one of the bright metal foil colours for a multi-dimensional eye look. 

Isamaya Wild Star eyeshadow palette

(Image credit: Isamaya)

'The Wild Star collection pays homage to our inner cowgirl,’ says Ffrench. ‘Sexy, powerful yet always aligned with the spirit of the natural world.’

She enthuses about the collection’s ‘vibrant hues of pink and baby blue that glitter against matte nudes to create a feminine, gorgeous look. Bold lip liners outline burnt bronze shimmering lipsticks that sparkle with seduction. Release your inner cowgirl!’ 

Wild Star follows the leather- and fetish-themed Industrial collection with which Ffrench launched Isamaya earlier in 2022, and another collection with a new theme will be debuted in a few months. 

Isamaya Wild Star is currently available for pre-order with an on sale date of December 2022/January 2023.

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