Danish design company Vipp has just opened up a supper club space in a converted pencil factory. The Copenhagen space will play host to a rotating roster of acclaimed chefs, with the first being Noma’s former R&D sous chef Riccardo Canella. 

Dishes served at Vipp supper club at the brand’s Pencil Factory showroom in Copenhagen

According to Vipp’s CEO and third-generation owner Kasper Egelund, the space is not only a showroom for the brand’s sleek Scandinavian designs, but an experiential concept space. ‘It’s not a restaurant,’ Egelund says, ‘but we do invite spectacular chefs to cook up intimate dinners. Nor is it a nightclub. But we do invite talented musicians to play a tune. Nor is it a showroom. But we have invited renowned designers and artists to sharpen up the venue with a Vipp kitchen and furniture.’ 

The 100-year-old, Bauhaus-inspired pencil factory is an ideal space for Vipp’s latest venture, with its expansive open-plan interiors, large factory windows and concrete walls, which complement the brand’s modular V2 kitchen designs

Table setting of Vipp supper club at the brand’s Pencil Factory showroom in Copenhagen

The kitchens were launched earlier this year, and combine the clean lines and utilitarian construction typical of Scandinavian design with organic materials such as Bavarian marble and dark oak wood.

Twenty-six guests can sit around the large banquet table in the centre of the space, which will afford them a view of the visiting chefs preparing their work in the kitchen and the musical entertainment selected to accompany the meal. 

Dish from Vipp supper club at the brand’s Pencil Factory showroom in Copenhagen

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Riccardo Canella’s first event for the club, starting 23 September, is called ‘A Tale of a Venetian in Denmark’ and will feature an experimental tasting menu with Danish and Italian culinary influences. Other chefs on the calendar have not yet been announced but promise to be as renowned, and avant-garde, as Canella. 

While only an exclusive few get to join the table for each supper club, anyone will be able to visit the Vipp Pencil Factory between 4pm and 7pm during Denmark’s annual design festival 3 Days of Design, 16 – 18 September, to experience what the space, and Vipp kitchens, have to offer. §