Champagne Telmont’s ‘193,000 shades of green’ bottles are a quest for sustainability

Champagne Telmont launches ‘193,000 shades of green’, a collection of uniquely coloured bottles using otherwise unwanted glass

Champagne Telmont bottles in varying shades of green
(Image credit: Courtesy of Telmont Champagne)

Champagne Telmont is seeking to appease the planet as well as satisfy the taste buds. The maison is striving towards sustainable innovation, and has set ambitious goals to become the first climate-positive champagne house by 2030, and net positive by 2050. 

The first steps are in place, with the transition to create champagne bottles using glass discarded by glassmakers, that doesn’t match chromatic standards. 

Champagne Telmont, ‘193,000 shades of green’

Telmont Champagne vineyard

(Image credit: Courtesy of Telmont Champagne)

The project, titled ‘193,000 shades of green’, is a bold move within the industry, breaking classic champagne glass colour standards. Telmont has already eliminated superfluous packaging, bespoke bottles and transparent glass. 

Deciding to make use of the glass produced during the transition between two different shades in a glass maker's furnace, the company has created a collection of uniquely colourful bottles that deliver intrigue and elegance to a drinking cabinet. 

Telmont Champagne in a tree

(Image credit: Courtesy of Telmont Champagne)

Telmont will release 193,000 bottles each year, varying in shade from light green to earthy cinnamon. The repurposed glass infuses elegance with environmental responsibility. The project runs alongside the brand’s ‘In the Name of Mother Nature’ initiative, which lays out guidelines for a responsible future, humility toward nature, and loyalty to wine-making know-how.

Telmont Champagne bottles lined up

(Image credit: Courtesy of Telmont Champagne)

‘In 2024, Telmont reinvents green and glass,’ says Ludovic du Plessis, president of Maison Telmont. ‘"193,000 shades of green" exemplifies our philosophy. For us, sustainability is not a limit or a constraint, but a ground for creativity and innovation. Every shade of green is a symbol of our commitment to the environment. We're not just changing the colour of our bottles, we're trying to transform the wine industry, one shade at a time.’

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