A new sustainable furniture collection by Snarkitecture and Pentatonic breaks the mould

A new sustainable furniture collection by Snarkitecture and Pentatonic breaks the mould

Circular lifestyle brand Pentatonic launched last year with duo Jamie Hall (ex-NikeLab) and Johann Boedecker (formerly of Miniwiz) championing furniture, tableware and accessories made from post-consumer waste. The brand is now launching its inaugural designer collaboration, inviting New York firm Snarkitecture to create a new furniture range, Fractured – a collection of benches and tables that merge of art, design and sustainability.

‘The material approach and technological approach of Pentatonic really opens possibilities, especially for a practice like ours,’ says Alex Munstonen, co-founder of Snarkitecture, on the series that is directly made up of material waste. For example, the bench is made up of 240 plastic bottles, 45 aluminium drinks cans, 120 items of food packaging, and four car bumpers. These are then built using nitrogen-assisted injection moulding, extruding the aluminium into long bars, this then takes shape via CNC machining and is then anodised.

Snarkitecture and Pentatonic’s Fractured furniture collection is conceptually split into two

The Brooklyn-based duo are an ideal match for project, bringing their conceptual and slightly playful aesthetic the collection. The architecture of the pieces, the concept of lots of waste turning into a one piece, and then snapping this right down the middle ‘almost like a child’s puzzle’ say Daniel Arsham, co-founder of Snarkitecture, adds humour to the highly engineered collection.

‘This collaboration was a real demonstration of the power and potential of working with post consumer waste,’ says Hall. ‘There is too much trash on our beaches, in our oceans, there is so much that could be used again and again with the right technology.’ A step in the right direction for furniture design, we would say.

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