Poetic craft: a debut show of Kyoto-based brand Sfera at Clerkenwell London

Poetic craft: a debut show of Kyoto-based brand Sfera at Clerkenwell London

Design showroom Clerkenwell London, located in the heart of the cultural district, presents Kyoto-based brand Sfera’s debut in town, with new pieces presented alongside their previous collections. 

Handmade in Japan by artisans from the Kyoto area, the pieces designed by founder Shigeo Mashiro and his creative team explore a variety of Japanese traditional crafts through a modern design gesture. 

The company expanded on the bamboo and porcelain combination they debuted earlier this year, with a collection of vases that combine the two materials (as well as glass) in a functional yet poetic expression. The collection is the result of a collaboration between the brand and Kohchosai Kosuga, a company founded in 1898 who specialise in bamboo weave. The asymmetric combination of the woven baskets with the glazed glass and raw edged ceramics in pastel shades creates an innovative group of objects that exquisitely exemplify Sfera’s craftsmanship efforts. 

Another new collection on show is a series of chairs crafted from three types of wood – cherry, maple and quince – combined with a wide range of upholstery options, from traditional fabrics to butter-soft leather. Other furniture pieces include the textured wooden stools and a copper-topped side table, finished with a turned and textured chestnut base.

The exhibition also celebrates the earlier collaborations between Sfera and the Kyoto prefecture; seen together, the collections are a testament to the company’s ability to pay tribute to Japanese craft in a contemporary way, and to the local talent for skilfully manipulating materials to create an enchanting range of desirable objects.

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