Truncated pendants: ’Out of the woods’ by OOOJA for Rewired

'Out of the woods’ by OOOJA
Danish design studio OOOJA, known for Nordic furniture design, has moved into lighting with a new ’Out of the Woods’ pendant range
(Image credit: OOOJA)

Danish design studio OOOJA – known for their fresh Nordic furniture designed for a range of Danish furniture producers – has now taken its approach to another proud Danish design tradition: lighting. The studio's 'Out of the Woods' pendants, presented for the first time to the public this January at the Northmodern interior fair in Copenhagen, are as simple as they could possibly be but perfect for creating that 'hygge' atmosphere craved by the Nordics.

The pendants are 7mm thick tubes with oak or walnut veneers, coupled with black aluminum braces for hanging; attached to the tubes with oversized buttons – making them look almost like a set of headphones. The bulb is completely hidden within the tube, the light emitted only from the base, creating a glow both directional and ambient.

'The graphic simplicity of the lamps means that you can use them on their own or in clusters,' says OOOJA founding partner Jeppe Olesen of the idea behind the design. 'The idea was to take a random selection of trunks from the woods and bring [them] into your home. Hence the name "Out of the woods".'

The simplicity also means that the pendants look (almost) as great switched off as on. The lamps are all assembled in Denmark and are part of the first line of lighting fixtures from Rewired, a new brand launched by contract lighting manufacturer Frandsen Project.

The lamps are currently available in three different sizes and two different veneers; but considering the level of interest, we look forward to seeing an even wider range of materials and diameters in the near future.

The lamps are available in three different sizes

The lamps are available in three different sizes and with two different veneers, and can be hung on their own or in clusters

(Image credit: OOOJA)


For more information, visit OOOJA’s website

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