Masking type: a London exhibition explores what lies beneath

'Mmmask' by Michael Marriott and 'Dancer' mask by Studio Furthermore
Left, ‘Mmmask’, £222, by Michael Marriott. Right, ‘Dancer’ mask, £340, by Studio Furthermore, both one-off pieces, available from Seeds London. Shirt, £109, by Boss.
(Image credit: Pauline Caranton)

In the midst of the selfie era, it’s more important than ever to dig down into the deepest, sometimes darkest, depths of our own identities. At least, that’s what design studio M-L-XL believes. It will explore the idea for an exhibition it is curating, entitled ‘Masters of Disguise’, taking place at the former Skandium store in Brompton at this year’s London Design Festival.

The likes of Michael Marriott, Bethan Laura Wood, Martino Gamper, Studio Furthermore and Marco Campardo of M-L-XL have all taken a period of inward reflection and are presenting their findings in the form of a handmade mask, crafted from found objects and recycled materials.

The show will be brought to life by a playful performative dinner, during which the designers will all wear their masks at the table as a way of choosing whether to hide or share what lies beneath.

As originally featured in the October 2019 issue of Wallpaper* (W*247)

'Crayons' mask by Marco Campardo and Lorenzo Mason, for M-L-XL Studio

‘Crayons’ mask, price on request, by Marco Campardo and Lorenzo Mason, for M-L-XL Studio, one-off piece, available from Seeds London. Shirt, as before

(Image credit: Pauline Caranton)


‘Masters of Disguise’ will be showing from 14 September – 15 October.


35-36 Thurloe Place
London SW7