Take a pew: Masquespacio unveils debut furniture collection for Missana

Masquespacio's 'Toadstool' collection
Small, yet perfectly formed, Masquespacio's 'Toadstool' collection for Missana features a two-seater sofa, a table and a series of poufs
(Image credit: Cualiti)

The Valencia-based studio Masquespacio have unveiled their debut collection for Spanish furniture and upholstery brand Missana. 

Inspired by the Memphis movement of the 1980s (and more specifically Michael Graves' graphic architecture,) the 'Toadstool' collection is as bright as it is bold. Small, yet perfectly formed, it features rounded shapes and a range of colourful fabrics for its two seater sofa, table and series of poufs.

Postmodernist hues of forest and mint green, salmon pink and deep navy prove a bold foil to the other materials in use: the marble, wood or gold plated metal pedestals.

'This [collection] represents very clearly what Masquespacio’s work is,' says co-founder Christophe Penasse. '[We are] inspired by the visual culture and by the fact that graphic design is always present in one way or another.'

Missana’s upholstery technique is clear to see, too. Each piece of furniture designed by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Penasse uses Raf Simons' fabrics for Kvadrat, Wallpaper* Design Awards 2015's winner of the Best Alliance gong, and is meticulously assembled by Missana's experts. Best of all, though, is the number of combinations available, mixing pedestal materials and fabric hues endlessly for an equally pleasing and personal medley.

marble, wood or gold-plated metal pedestals

Rounded shapes and Raf Simons' fabrics for Kvadrat make the collection stand out; as does the ability to mix materials, including marble, wood or gold-plated metal pedestals

(Image credit: TBC)

inspired by the Memphis movement

The inspiration behind the designs – the Memphis movement of the 1980s and Michael Graves' graphic architecture – are clear to see

(Image credit: TBC)


For more information, visit Masquespacio's website

Photography: Cualiti