Jony Ive’s LoveFrom unveils official website

Launched today, 11 October 2021, reveals the creative collective’s visual identity, anchored in a Baskerville-inspired typeface called LoveFrom Serif, provides a statement of purpose, and pays gentle homage to Apple’s Steve Jobs displayed on an iPhone graphic, unveiled on 11 October 2021, is the most public move to date by the creative collective founded by Jony Ive, revealing its visual identity and providing a statement of purpose
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LoveFrom, the creative collective founded by Jony Ive which includes his long-time collaborator Marc Newson, has unveiled its website, The launch marks the most public move to date by the collective, which has worked quietly since its founding in 2019 and only made general announcements of collaborations with Apple, Airbnb and Ferrari. went live today, 11 October 2021 at noon Pacific time, revealing a visual identity designed by members of the team including Ive, legendary art director Peter Saville, and Chris Wilson and Antonio Cavedoni, both former members of the Apple design team. The site is as intriguing as it is declarative, opening with a simple wordmark, and followed by a brief text described as ‘a concise and finely crafted definition of the LoveFrom collective and its work’.

LoveFrom website launch – 3-up mock-up on iPhone

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LoveFrom Serif – an expression of the collective’s identity

Both the wordmark and ensuing text are set in a new typeface, LoveFrom Serif, which is inspired by John Baskerville’s letterforms and based on studies of his original punches and matrices. From this basis, the design team created an expanded type family with flexible, scalable digital faces in multiple weights and optical sizes. ‘Each character has been lovingly redrawn, refined and meticulously crafted over the past two years,’ explains the collective in an accompanying press release. 

Within the wordmark, the ‘LoveFrom’ name is given an additional flourish by a comma, a move that Saville describes as initiating a dialogue and shared conversation. In its animated version, a text cursor blinks as the eight letters of ‘LoveFrom’ appear to be typed out. The comma then appears, rotating, rolling around, transforming and bouncing atop the other letterforms before it finally settles into place. 


LoveFrom founder and Apple former chief design officer Sir Jony Ive, photographed by Craig McDean

(Image credit: Photography: Craig McDean, courtesy of LoveFrom and WSJ Magazine) – a statement of purpose

The text opens with familiar lines: ‘LoveFrom is a creative collective. We are designers, architects, musicians, filmmakers, writers, engineers and artists.’ It acknowledges that the viewer may already know LoveFrom by its members’ past work, and then offers a statement of purpose: 

We are obsessed with the traditions of creating and making. Fanatically devoted to excellence. Insatiably curious.

Further down is the line ‘We work on projects for joy’, echoing a sentiment shared by Ive and Apple’s former chairman, CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs. In a remembrance first published by WSJ Magazine a week ago, on the tenth anniversary of Jobs’ death, Ive wrote: ‘He truly believed that by making something great for people, something empowering, beautiful and culturally significant, we express our gratitude and our love for humanity.’ Both the LoveFrom name and the timings of today’s website launch are an homage to Jobs, and an indication of the creativity, collaborative spirit and generosity he continues to inspire. 

The collective adds, ‘We look forward to continuing the conversation about our work, our team and our creative process.’

The animated LoveFrom wordmark features a comma that rotates, rolls around, transforms and bounces atop the other letterforms before it finally settles into place. Peter Saville describes this typographic flourish as initiating a dialogue and shared conversation.


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