Hay launches Hay Play, a series of portable, classic table games infused with the Danish brand’s signature sleek and colourful design. The series of three games were created by Clara von Zweigbergk, a Swedish designer and creative director who has been a long-term Hay collaborator, both on products and accessories as well as art direction and brand identity.

Hay Play: popular table games by Hay

Hay Play boxes for backgammon, chess and yatzy shown on a blue surface

The collection includes three individual games: chess, backgammon and yatzy, a popular Scandinavian game based on rolling five dice. Simply created in resin, paper and wood and with portability in mind, the sleek table games are encased in individual colourful boxes containing all the playing elements including slim, colourful boards. 

Colour and playful design have always been key aspects of von Zweigbergk’s work (two things she shares with Hay), and the designer was able to bring her chromatic sensibility to the set, also referencing classic games palettes. The backgammon box features a white, red and blue arrangement, while the chess set comes in a novel combination of blue and teal. The Yatzy set comprises five dice in candy-like green, pink, blue, orange and black, and a minimal pencil for score-keeping. The series adds to a set of poker cards, previously designed by von Zweigbergk for Hay with a minimalist interpretation of the classic playing cards. 

Yatzy game featuring five dice in black, orange, pink, blue and green, a score keeping sheet and a pencil inside a box shown on a red surface

The new series of games is part of Hay’s Fal 2021 launches, including a sofa by Doshi Levien inspired by sartorial details, and accessories by Muller Van Severen, Scholten & Baijings and Danish design studio Phanta Enterprises.

The collection marks a new foray into games by the Danish company, and their patterned boxes are imagined to look great as decorative items around the home. The series, the company explains, was inspired by the increased amount of time spent at home with family and friends during the COVID-19 era and newfound appreciation for screen-free entertainment. §