Jasper Morrison, the renowned and reclusive British industrial designer, mightn’t be the first man you’d associate with Shoreditch but he’s a pioneering proponent of its new, improved renaissance, all the same.

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Earlier this year Morrison turned a disused corner of his studio’s workshop on Kingsland Road into a shop, a complete retail realisation of the designer’s dictum, ie ‘supernormal’ in every way.

Like Morrison’s designs, the shop is pure as can be. Raw wooden shelving houses a mixture of his own creations, together with those of fellow supernormalists like Fukasawa and Yanagi, and perfectly un-designed everyday objects Morrison discovers along the way.

’It’s time for designers to shape up and design things that have built-in long-term performance,’ says Morrison. ’The shop is an idealistic showroom for those things, rather than a commercial venture. Though you my leave with less money than you arrived with.’