Bompas & Parr light up the London Eye with election chatter

Bompas & Parr light up the London Eye with election chatter

Politics and art don’t often go hand in hand, but if you happen to be walking past the London Eye tonight be sure to look up. You may be surprised by what you see…

Bompas & Parr and Facebook have teamed up to turn the 443-foot tourist attraction into a huge pie chart ahead of Thursday’s General Election.

Glowing bright in the shadow of Westminster, the multi-coloured chart illustrates the millions of politics-related interactions (52 million, to be precise) taking place on the popular social media network. Each and every social interaction  - a like, share or comment - counted.

Since Friday (May 1), the massive wheel has been lit up, using anonymised Facebook data to reflect a different theme or topic, including the most talked about party nationwide - unsurprising and alarming in equal measure: UKIP.

This isn’t the first time Bompas & Parr have used inspiring installations to encourage voters. During the last election they created the Parliamentary Waffle House, an election-themed bistro/bar with a food-based swing-o-meter to gauge the nations sentiment. Scaling up quite substantially and forgoing the foodie element, this year they’ve joined forces with Facebook, hoping the light show will inspire and engage voters to, as Sam Bompas put it, ’have their say - on Facebook and at the polls on 7 May.’ 

It seems the race for Number 10 isn’t the only one worth winning after all.

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