Domestic bliss smells divine with this new home diffuser

Italian powerhouses Poltrona Frau and Acqua di Parma collaborate on a new home diffuser 

Poltrona Frau and Acqua di Parma round leather home diffuser in purple, greens, and greys
Home diffuser by GamFratesi, for Poltrona Frau and Acqua di Parma, available from September. Car diffuser (not pictured), available now. 
(Image credit: Leon Chew)

Home has taken on a new meaning in the past year, as many of us have transformed the place where we live into the place where we also work, exercise, and do just about everything we would have once done elsewhere. 

Although the tides are turning, creating a comforting home environment remains ever pertinent, and home fragrance offers a fast-track way to breathe new life into a stifling space. A new home diffuser from Poltrona Frau and Acqua di Parma couldn’t come at a better time, then. 

Poltrona Frau and Acqua di Parma new home diffuser in yellow and green

(Image credit: Leon Chew)

Launching this September, it’s the first collaboration between the two iconic Italian brands, and has been designed by GamFratesi, who have channelled the signature aspects of both heritage brands into a single object. 

The diffuser’s hand-sewn circular covering is made from one of Poltrona Frau’s Pelle Frau leathers, available in four different colours, or in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather. Underneath this elegant exterior is a home fragrance diffuser of unparalleled technological advancement. 

The device can hold up to three of Acqua di Parma’s signature fragrances at once. The brand is famed for its scents that capture the essence of the Italian spirit, scents such as Buongiorno (lemon, mint, rosemary and jasmine) and Luce di Colonia (orange, lemon, neroli and vetiver). The home diffuser can be activated directly or remotely operated via an app that allows users to programme the device to expel a different fragrance any time or day of the week.

The diffuser automatically releases the fragrance at an intensity best suited to that specific scent. A car diffuser, also available in the same round leather casing, can be attached to a car’s ventilation grille to provide you with delicious olfactory accompaniments to your journey.


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