Sara Eichner’s patterned grid paintings are inspired by the geometry of the side claddings of the houses in her neighbourhood in Williamsburg. Her latest collection of work ‘Plane Equilibrium’ is currently on show at New York’s Sears Peyton gallery.

Sarah Eichner

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Working mainly with lighter, comforting shades of pinks and blues and greens, Eichner describes her paintings as ‘urban and architectural patterns, translated and abstracted in pencil and paint into repetitive grids’.
These patterns – regular blocks of boxes and polygons – are composed directly onto wood panels or paper, and then meticulously hand painted with glossy layers of oil paint.
The result is often dizzying, as grids break unexpectedly or lead off into the horizon with a perspective that is almost three-dimensional. The ethereal quality of the paintings is also aided by the fact that the canvases have beveled edges that, to the viewer, seem to float off the wall.