You can do so much more with paper than just recycle it into the correct bin. Anyone short of inspiration would be advised to visit Paper Works, a new exhibition at London’s Flow Gallery where twelve contemporary artists are showing what can be achieved with some careful cuts, dextrous folds and a bit of imagination.

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The sheaf of paper artists hails from around the globe and, though each has a different approach or method, the same qualities are evident in all – fragility and remarkable skill. Maybe because of the inherent delicacy of the material, and owing to its leafier origins, nature is a recurring theme also.
Standouts include the architectural totems of Ferry Staverman and Angela O’Kelly’s transformative approach; her compacted paper sculptures seem very robust and heavy and, cut against the grain, have a velvety surface texture.
If you’re inspired by what you see, there will be two paper workshops given by two of the artists, Lizzie Thomas and Michelle Holden, on 25th July and 12th September respectively.