Irish installation artist, Mark Garry – best known for his site-specific approach and a passion for gesture - has this week settled
in for a month-long show at Dublin’s
Kerlin Gallery.
Gently nudging the viewer through the spaces his work inhabits, Garry's installations avoid easy definition, focusing on ‘skill’ and its role within the creative process.
For his latest showing, Garry has produced a series of impossibly delicate hand-carved wooden flowers, slotted at random intervals into the walls of the
Kerlin Gallery.
Alongside the unassuming additions, Garry has also created a thread-based installation, featuring thousands of tightly pulled, rainbow-hued fibres stretched like a refracted beam of light across the space.
An exploration of the working relationship between head and hand, ‘Another Place’ is a show, which, in Garry’s own, understated way, examines those rhythms and repetitions, which define the creative process.