British photographer, Tim Simmons, will this week begin a year-long artistic journey around the UK, opening with a large-scale installation at The London Art Fair.
Following on from Simmons’ summer outing at Suffolk’s Latitude Festival earlier this year - which featured an outsized screen installation in the middle of the woods – Simmons has transferred his distinctive vision to the capital, with a purpose built screen set just outside the Islington’s Business Design Centre - where the London Art Fair will take residence for four days from January 13th.
Known for his ethereal photographic landscapes, Simmons utilizes abundant artificial light and a large-format camera to achieve his otherworldly aesthetic.
Projecting his work onto the freestanding screen in a series of divergent locations – think shots of an Icelandic river against the backdrop of a concrete cityscape - Simmons' INTERVENTION Projected tour will serve an altruistic slice of extra-gallery artistry in some unexpected places.