Buy prints online as curated by art directors

‘Hang Together' is a new online print store and studio created by London-based art directors Dom and Jo Murray-Bell

Broom, by Aaron Tilley & Kyle Bean. A broom inside a blue box, the stick of the broom is angled to touch the left, top and right of the box.
Broom, by Aaron Tilley & Kyle Bean
(Image credit: Aaron Tilley & Kyle Bean)

A year on from when the UK entered its first lockdown, ‘Hang Together' emerges. The aptly named online print store was, like so many digital initiatives that bloomed in the age of physical distance and shuttered shops, born from a desire to remain connected and collaborative throughout the pandemic.

Created by London-based art directors Dom and Jo Murray-Bell, the digital shop works with both emerging and established artists, designers, illustrators and photographers to present an exclusive edit of reasonably priced art prints (starting at £25).

Hang Together: a collaboration

The creative duo – having worked with likes of Wallpaper*, SHOW, Selfridges, Bally and more – have used their network of contemporary image makers to provide a platform for showcasing work, while taking the legwork out of finding unique and alternative art prints and wall art for a receptive global audience. ‘We felt like it was a good time to launch a creative business which was about enhancing the spaces that we live in,' they explain.

The duo site art with ‘a bold, graphic aesthetic' as the driving force behind the launch collection. Pick an architectural still life photograph from Baker & Evans, a Bauhaus-inspired interpretation of building blocks by Mitch Payne, or a surreal landscape from Petra Eriksson. The edit is currently small and select – but Hang Together is always looking for new ideas. ‘We really value the collaborative relationship we have with our artists, rather than simply "stocking" their work,' they explain. ‘We plan on regularly adding new art to the shop.'

Jo and Dom designed the colourful visual identity and website themselves – deliberately wonky ‘Buy' and ‘Read more' buttons hanging oddly like mismanaged picture frames. They also provide a framing service (unlike many print shop start-ups) and print on high quality matte art paper made by Hahnemuhle.

A black ball in a vertically skewed square.

Zeroism, by Baker Evans

(Image credit: Baker Evans)

Face, by Benedict Morgan.

Face, by Benedict Morgan

(Image credit: Benedict Morgan)

Balloons Red Orange Pink, by Emma Todd & Kerry Hughes

Balloons Red Orange Pink, by Emma Todd & Kerry Hughes

(Image credit: Emma Todd & Kerry Hughes)

Spengler Balance, by Marc David

Spengler Balance, by Marc David

(Image credit: Marc David)

Play Away, by Supermudane. A painting of various coloured shapes connected by black lines on a blue base.

Play Away, by Supermudane

(Image credit: Supermudane)

Bauhaus, by Mitch Payne. A painting of various sized and coloured 3D rectangles standing in a row with long shadows.

Bauhaus, by Mitch Payne

(Image credit: Mitch Payne)

Stacked, by Stephen Cheetham. A painting of the same shaped chair in different colours stacked on top of each other on a green background.

Stacked, by Stephen Cheetham

(Image credit: Stephen Cheetham)


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