Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin has spent the last three decades speeding around the globe, from Tiananmen Square during the 1989 demonstrations to Kiev for Wallpaper* in 2006 (W*94). But his latest venture was about staying put. Taken within just a few metres of his cabin in Norway, the hypnotic photographs that make up his new book, Narcissus, examine the way we search for our own image in nature. An extremely personal project for the photographer, Narcissus is only available for a few weeks (until 30th November). For 20 quick-off-the-mark Wallpaper* readers, Franklin will sign the book and offer a free limited edition print of 'Narcissus moonlight I' (below).
'The book is actually a first iteration - a way of laying down an idea that will grow into two exhibitions in 2012,' says Franklin, a co-owner and former president of Magnum. 'It's about the way nature - the landscape - can become mediated through photography to settle as an echo of ourselves: our thoughts, our emotions, our hopes and our fears.'
Reflected in the surface of a fjord and rotated from landscape to portrait, a mountain reads like a bishop in full religious robes. 'I took it in the moonlight, while in my dressing gown. It was the best way to get the right light on the mountain,' he explains. The meditative stillness of the landscape is also palpable in these extraordinary photographs.
Narcissus is the latest in a series of books by the photographer, two of which were born out of Wallpaper* features, including Hotel Afrique and Footprint: Europe's Changing Landscape. The new tome is available until 30th November from Blurb for £99.95. But, for the same price, 20 quick-off-the-mark Wallpaper* readers can get a signed copy plus a limited edition print of 'Narcissus moonlight I' by Franklin by emailing before 6pm on 30th November.
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