Artist's Palate: Rick Owens' whipped fog jubilee

Rick Owens’ whipped fog jubilee
Bowl, price on request, by George Hoentschel, from Jason Jacques Gallery. ‘Rundes Modell’ tablespoon, £106 for set of six, by Josef Hoffmann, for Alessi. ‘Dark Coffeecube in Scrapwood’ table, $4,251, by Piet Hein Eek, from The Future Perfect
(Image credit: Zachary Zavislak)

There's a lot more substance to the work of Rick Owens than there is to his favourite dish. In fact, the fashion designer admits it's not fattening at all, 'because it's mostly air'. The art school dropout has gone from pattern-making courses at LA Trade-Technical College to the catwalks of Paris by giving rock stars (and those who want to look like them) something to wear to gallery openings - usually something asymmetrical in leather, wool and dark grey. A kind of couture goth, with the physique of a Californian gym bunny, Owens has a slouchy style that belies his impeccable tailoring and technical skills. His favourite dish has an altogether more elusive quality. He instructs us to 'have a neighbour' make us some fresh whipped cream with egg whites and then serve it in an art nouveau bowl by George Hoentschel, floating on dry ice and sprinkled with sugar. In a first for this series, he also specifies the spoon you should eat with - a Josef Hoffman 'round model' - and a musical accompaniment - Monserrat Caballé.

Photography: Zachary Zavislak. Interiors: Maria Sobrino