It would be fair (nay, absurdly obvious) to say that Africa has had a pretty tough rap over the years, and when it comes to their cultural standing, it tends – generally - not to garner the global attention it deserves.
It comes as little surprise then, to learn that the ultimate continental cultural centre – Paris – is this month set to open one of the most forward-thinking exhibitions of African art in recent years, the African Living Room in the Marais.

African Living Room, Paris

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Situated opposite the Picasso Museum in the comparatively minor Jean Marc Patras gallery, the intimidating artistic institute does little to overawe the Patras’s latest project.
The living room is, as its title suggests, little more than an art-filled lounge, showcasing some of the best new offerings from contemporary African artists and designers.
Visitors are free to visit the space and stay all day should they feel so inclined – the owners have even provided a well-stocked fridge along with an array of reading material and a few culinary delights to keep loungers satisfied.
With vivid painting from Congolese artists Moké, Chéri Samba and Botalata; photography from John Kiyaya and Daniel Lainé; and banana-bright Furniture from Balthazar Faye (featured in the roaming Africa remix exhibition from the mid-noughties), this refreshingly laissez-faire show brings some of the best of Sub-Saharan creativity to the discerning streets of Paris.