Money, power and art have long luxuriated together in comfortable synonymity – yet Dasha ‘Abramovich’ Zukhova’s latest artistic project will see the three form a creative coalition the likes of which have never before been seen.


See more highlights from the François Pinault collection

Back in 2008, Zukhova opened her pioneering Centre for Contemporary Culture in Moscow. Situated within the sprawling halls of the old Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage, the centre is the first (and largest) of its kind in Russia.
The second exhibition to grace the Garage, Highlights from the François Pinault Foundation Collection, is set to be the most important show of contemporary art ever seen in Moscow.
With works taken from billionaire art collector François Pinault’s (recently named the artworld’s most powerful figure by ArtReview) gargantuan personal collection, some of the biggest names and works from the past decade are to be included.
Stretching over the 8,500sq metre space, the breadth of work on show is staggering, from Murakami’s signature, manga-esque paintings to Paul McCarthy’s visceral multimedia work.
Other works dotted tentatively around The Garage include Jeff Koon’s Hanging Heart, resplendent in red chrome; one of Cindy Sherman’s jarring self portraits; and, in a similar vein to Koons, Noble & Webster’s garish, toy-like tattoo sculpture, Toxic Schizophrenia.
With a distinctly Western flavour, Zhukova’s latest show offers the previously uningratiated a chance to view some of the most influential artwork from the past decade, setting a fine example for budding philanthropic Oligarchs everywhere.