Takeshi Hosaka exhibition at Budweis House of Art, Czech Republic

Takeshi Hosaka exhibition at Budweis House of Art, Czech Republic

On show at the House of Art in the Czech Republic’s city of Budweis is a new exhibition featuring the work of Japanese architect Takeshi Hosaka, entitled ’Kuusou’ (Japanese for ’imaginations’).

Sponsored by Japanese construction products manufacturer Sika, the delicately designed exhibition focuses on Hosaka’s design process, displaying a wealth of sketches and conceptual hand drawings that reveal a previously unseen side of the Japanese architect’s work.

The show will be on site until early May and visitors will be able to enjoy a candid look into a selection of Hosaka’s most successful projects such as his House in Byobugaura in Kanagawa and his Room Room House in Tokyo. The guest is invited to wander through the clouds of sketches hanging from the ceiling and to rest on Hosaka’s Moon chair, in order to immerse themselves into the architect’s imaginings.

’I always sketch when creating architectural design, and 99% of those sketches end up as unsuccessful attempts,’ says Hosaka. ’Yet, I discover wonderful things in the remaining 1%. 99% of my "Kuusou" are failed attempts, but even so, I decided to make those sketches float and have everyone walk though them.’

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