Original thinking: Snøhetta reveals its relationship secrets

Original thinking: Snøhetta reveals its relationship secrets

Snøhetta has descended upon Aut gallery in Innsbruck, Austria. The Norwegian architecture practice has built several social environments across the gallery spaces that encourage users to climb, lean and linger.

Site-specific installations of angular flooring, light boxes of landscapes and geometric timber cages have all been designed to activate people’s experiences of space and light. Titled ‘Relations’, the exhibition celebrates the fruitful partnerships between Snøhetta and its many collaborators, that can be seen across numerous projects during which expertise has been exchanged and innovations have been developed. Drawings, prototypes, models and photos are displayed side-by-side on archive tables exploring the depth of the relationships.

The exhibition plays with the relations between people and Snøhetta’s work, examining the interdisciplinary nature of the practice

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