A modern collective: PLP architects launch designs for a new housing model in East London

A modern collective: PLP architects launch designs for a new housing model in East London

PLP Architecture have partnered with Pop Brixton developers The Collective to launch a brand new housing scheme for London. Entitled Stratford Collective, the mixed-use project is planned for the East London town and will include from rental micro-apartments and communal amenities for residents, to a serviced apartment hotel and co-working space. 

The new ’micro-housing’ model is without precedent in London, explain the architects. Including 300 units of apartments with 12 sq m typical ensuite private space and stylish communal living areas, the Stratford Collective aims to cater for a specific kind of urbanites - young professionals. The building seeks to address the city’s critical housing shortage, explain the architects. They spent three years researching and developing the project with their client. 

Public space - some open to the wider public too - is very important in the building. Apart from ground level retail space, there will be a dedicated ’raised market’ on the 30-storey structure’s 22nd floor. Local businesses will be able to set up pop up shops there, brining the vibrancy of the street market into the building, through shops and restaurants. ’The idea behind the project is to take the vitality and urbanity of the street and weave it throughout the building, culminating with an extraordinary public event space in the sky,’ explains PLP partner Andrei Martin. 

Overall, the team’s aim is to provide high quality, design-led living spaces. Services such as wifi, utilities and local taxes will be included, while the hope is for the space to develop into a vibrant local community. Amenities will include a spa, library, screening room, gym and private dinning rooms for residents. 

Elegantly spanning just 14 m on its narrow side, the Stratford Collective tower is currently awaiting planning permission. Should this be granted, it will be scheduled for completion by 2018. This is the second project PLP have developed with the Collective. The first one, in west London, is currently in construction with a view to complete in 2016.

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