The Salone del Mobile has swung into action once more. Designers, architects, makers and buyers have descended on Milan from all corners of the globe for what is indisputably the world's best furniture fair. With the doors to the Fiera now open, the city itself has also been transformed into a shining vessel for all that's new in design, with almost every urban inch turned into exhibition space for the duration of the Salone (9 to 14 April). Here, we bring you the highlights as they happen.

Salone del Mobile: in pictures

Image 1

Kartell's installation at the fair was a riff on the storefronts of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. Each 'boutique' was dedicated to a designer and their latest offerings for 2013

Image 2

From left: Glassware by Christophe Pillet for Kartell; a shelving unit by Nendo for Kartell

Image 3

Ludovica + Roberta Palomba's plastic bathroom shelving system for Kartell

Image 4

ToiletPaper magazine teamed up with Seletti to create a collection of plates, cups and tablecloths featuring some of the eccentric imagery from the magazine; the pieces are on show at Spazio Rossana Orlandi and also available to purchase from the gallery's shop

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 5

The eclectic collection features everything from a mug decorated with a kitchen plunger or a plate dotted with motifs like a rearing horse and severed fingers

Photography: Pierpaolo Ferrari

Image 6

'We often have fun turning our pictures into objects, clothes and accessories,' says Ferrari (a regular contributor to Wallpaper*), adding, 'ToiletPaper's images can become both a bathing suit and a Formula 1 car. The important thing is not to betray the pop spirit and nature of the magazine, which is ironic and unsettling at the same time.' To see more from ToiletPaper, pick up a copy of our Milan Preview issue out now

Photography: Pierpaolo Ferrari

Image 7

'Reflector' and 'Gradient' table lamps by Studio WM at Ventura Lambrate

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 8

'Circular' lamps by Studio WM at Ventura Lambrate

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 9

'Troche' side tables by Studio WM at Ventura Lambrate

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 10

The 'A45' bathroom washbasin was Boffi's only new 2013 product launch at Salone. Designed by Bulgaria-born but Milan-based Victor Vasilev, the Cristalplant basin gets its name from its distinctive 45 degree angle, and comes with an optional moveable shelf unit for storage that can also hide drainage. Vasilev was also the brains behind Boffi's popular 'CT Line' shelving system, launched last year

Image 11

Agape's presentation for this year's fair, in their Brera concept store (Agape12). Here, new pieces in the collection were framed in a cinematic context, with clips from cult films projected onto furniture around the shop. In the foreground of this picture are tables and chairs by Agape partner BassamFellows

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 12

Double bed from the Benedini Collection by Benedini & Partners at Agape

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 13

'Spoke' table by BassamFellows at Agape

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 14

'Marble Box' by Muller van Severen for Valerie Traan Gallery at Ventura Lambrate

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 15

Stool by Alberto Fabbian at Ventura Lambrate

Image 16

'PlusMinus' stool by Alberto Fabbian in collaboration with Antoniazzi & Piovesana and Navarini Rame

Image 17

The Revolving Room installation by Patricia Urquiola for Kvadrat and Moroso

Image 18

The Revolving Room installation by Patricia Urquiola for Kvadrat and Moroso

Image 19

‘Orotund’ by Marc Newson for Flos

Image 20

‘Lit’ by Rodolofo Dordoni for Flos

Image 21

‘String’ lights by Michael Anastassiades for Flos

Image 22

‘Findme’ by Jorge Ferrera for Flos

Image 23

Michele de Lucchi worked with E' De Padova for the first time on an ash and straw chair called 'Donzella'

Image 24

Milan-based Massimiliano Locatelli's polished bronze and wood table at Nilufar Gallery

Image 25

New candy colours for B&B Italia's now classic Barber Osgerby table and Fukasawa chairs

Image 26

A screen by Lorenz Katz for Milan-based Cole design

Image 27

The 'Feather' table by Pietro Russo at the Juice exhibit

Image 28

Alberto Biagetti's exhibit at Galleria Riccardo Crespi included totemic iron lamps as well as paintings by his opera singing partner Laura Baldessari

Image 29

Lights by Michael Anastassiades

Image 30

Atelier 's 'Hive' is composed of woven pieces of leather made from repurposed scraps at the B&B Italia factory

Image 31

Designer Hella Jongerius has lent her colour prowess to Vitra once more, prompting new colour ways for existing pieces – such as Jean Prouve’s ‘Standard’ chair – as well as the launch of her ‘Daylight Wheel’ (pictured), which shows how colours change throughout the day

Image 32

‘Oursin’ pouffes by Hella Jongerius for Vitra

Image 33

A selection of Zucchetti/Kos faucets shown in a presentation designed by Diego Grandi

Image 34

A 1956 Ercol couch gets revamped with a new textile by Timorous Beasties

Image 35

Foscarini's brand new showroom on via Fiori Chiari featured an installation by Attilio Stocchi...

Image 36

...alongside iconic lamps from the brand

Image 37

Nacho Carbonell's new 'Memoralia Edition' chair at Rossana Orlandi's exhibit at Museo Bagatti Valsecchi

Image 38

Large scale needlepoint works by Frederique Morrel on show at Museo Bagatti Valsecchi

Image 39

Discipline's pop up shop at its exhibition space on via Mascagni

Image 40

'Clip' coat holder by Nendo for Discipline

Image 41

'Slice' stationary holder by James Irvine

Image 42

'Clip' side table by Nendo for Discipline

Image 43

The 'Palladiana' chest of drawers is a re-edition of two iconic Piero Fornesetti pieces: the yellow side is from the 1950s while its other crisp white half is from this year

Image 44

Azucena's new showroom on via Manzoni features an installation by Dimore Studio

Image 45

Artek has revived a series of chairs by Ilmari Tapiovaara – one of the lesser-known stars of mid-century design – from the 1950s. The collection is called ‘Lukki’ (or ‘daddy longlegs’)

Image 46

‘SB14 Nota’ desk by Elizabeth Lux for e15

Image 47

Tables from Wonmin Park's 'Haze' series at Spazio Rossana Orlandi

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 48

'Hain' by RaR for Thomas Eyck at Spazio Rossana Orlandi

Image 49

Thomas Eyck commissioned Dick van Hoff of Vanhoffontwerpen to design a series of leather products, including a brief case, firewood bag and a chair (pictured), all being exhibited at Spazio Rossana Orlandi

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 50

Leather daybed by Vanhoffontwerpen at Spazio Rossana Orlandi

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 51

'Mass-Produced Individualism' by Iina Vuorivirta for the 'Design Anima' exhibition by Konstfack, hosted at Spazio Rossana Orlandi

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 52

Milan-based architect Nicola Quadri gathered an eclectic collection of discarded containers, crates and vintage boxes for his exhibition in Mari&Co, Marinella Rossi's catering and event space in Milan

Image 53

A former dealer of Scandinavian design, Quadri continues to scour markets across Europe for discarded objects like these wooden crates paired with ceramic eggs

Image 54

Straw boxes complemented the many wooden nest light sculptures that Quadri commissioned from Brescia-based Marilena Capuzzi, Paola Fieschi, and Elena Mazzolari

Image 55

Industrial iron containers from the early 20th century

Image 56

These vintage cataloguing boxes are over a century old

Image 57

Custom-made black spaghetti at Nicola Quadri's exhibition

Image 58

'Anura' by Aldo Bakker on show at Ventura Lambrate. This design was initially conceived for Wallpaper* Handmade in collaboration with leather manufacturer Santiago Gonzalez but now he is showing it in its pure, unupholstered form

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 59

'Fume' by Aldo Bakker, at Ventura Lambrate, is inspired by church furniture

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 60

'Three Pair' by Aldo Bakker is composed of three perfectly interlocking forms that balance upon each other without moving

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 61

‘Teso’ table by Foster + Partners for Molteni & C

Image 62

‘Allure’ by Matteo Nunziati for Molteni & C

Image 63

‘Nature’ bed by Molteni & C

Image 64

‘Z-shelf’ by Ron Arad for Moroso

Image 65

‘Cradle’ tables by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

Image 66

‘Burnt Doodle’ table by Front for Moroso

Image 67

'Stone Garden' installation by Nendo for Caesarstone at Palazzo Crivelli

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 68

The installation is a versatile arrangement of one-legged tables that hold each other up by overlapping

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 69

'Stone-edge Table' by Nendo for Caesarstone

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 70

'T 904' by Gastone Rinaldi for Poltrona Frau

Image 71

'Letizia' by Gastone Rinaldi for Poltrona Frau

Image 72

'GranTorino' by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poltrono Frau

Image 73

'Candy Shelf' by Sylvain Willenz for Cappellini

Image 74

'Acciao Lounge' by Max Lipsey for Cappellini

Image 75

Cassina launched Philippe Starck's 'MyWorld' lounge system at the fair this year

Image 76

‘Chair M100’ by Ruizsolar at SaloneSatellite

Image 77

‘Gadget’ system by Morten & Jonas, on show at SaloneSatellite

Image 78

‘Rayn’, a modular outdoor system by Philippe Starck for Dedon

Image 79

'Lounge of layers' by Katrin Greiling for Droog

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 80

'Hardworking series' by Studio Droog

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 81

The newly reopened Rijksmuseum presented new designs based on Rijksstudio in collaboration with Studio Droog and deJongeKalff. The collection, which was shown at Droog's space on via San Gregorio (pictured), is an update of century old works using contemporary techniques and materials

Image 82

From left: 'Rubber tablecloth' by deJongeKalff; and 'Tasting glasses' by Studio Droog

Image 83

'Forgotten tools' by Studio Droog

Image 84

French brand La Chance has returned to the Salone del Mobile for its second year, bringing with it new furniture and objects by the likes of Sebastian Herkner, Nathalie du Pasquier and Guillaume Delvigne, including...

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 85

'Salute' tables by Sebastian Herkner

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 86

'Earhart' bench by Luca Nichetto

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 87

Nathalie du Pasquier's new 'France' rug is shown alongside pieces from the 2012 collection, including the 'Magnum' table by Pierre Favresse and 'Tembo' stool by Note Design Studio

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 88

Tom Dixon's 'Mass' dining table is chunky yet minimal

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 89

Like the table, the monumental 'Mass' book stand and coat stand are clad in copper

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 90

The 'Gem' collection by Tom Dixon is a small but fully fledged furniture and lighting collection, include these pendants, as well as tables and mirrors

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 91

Inspired by the facets of a semi precious gem, the sandcasted pieces have a rough finish

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 92

The 'Screw' table by Tom Dixon comes with various options for base and top

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 93

The table top options for the 'Screw' table

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 94

New variations on the 'Fan' chair by Tom Dixon

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 95

'Thalie' dish, fruit bowl and bread basket by Julie Richoz, who is undertaking her Bachelor of Industrial Design at ECAL

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 96

'Steak Knife' by John Pawson at When Objects Work

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 97

'Cowrie' chair by new brand Made In Ratio at Zonca & Zonca Gallery. See our May issue for more about Made in Ratio

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 98

'Filigree' table by Rodolfo Dordoni for Molteni & C

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 99

'Geta Credenza' by Arik Levy for Modus at Design Junction

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 100

'Paravento 055' screen by Dimorestudio

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 101

'Consolle 058' by Dimorestudio

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 102

'Steelwood Galva' by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec at Magis

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 103

'Construction Lamps' by Joost van Bleiswijk for Moooi. The Dutch brand is showing it's biggest Salone del Mobile presentation to date on Via Savona. The vast exhibition space is divided into room sets backed by photographs by Erwin Olaf

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 104

'Farooo' lamps by Marcel Wanders for Moooi

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 105

'Labyrinth' chair by Studio Job for Moooi

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 106

The 'Common Comrades' collection by Neri & Hu for Moooi

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 107

The Moooi presentation on Via Savona

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 108

'Ascent' lights by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan, presented at Euroluce

Image 109

Designers Luca Nichetto and Oki Sato of Nendo have pooled their creativity to conjure up a joint collection under the title 'Nichetto=Nendo' at Foro Buonaparte 48. The collaboration was inspired by a creative process in Japanese culture whereby one person composes the first three lines (kami no ku) of a short poem known as a tanka, then sends them to a second person to complete the final two sentences (shimo no ku). The co-designed pieces include these 'N=N/02 wedge of matter' candleholders

Image 110

For the 'N=N/05 bridges for islands' sofa, Nendo proposed an archipelago-inspired sofa, whose components Nichetto connected by 'narrow bridges' that echo those connecting the islands of Venice

Image 111

The 'N=N/01 shelves in a comic' began life in Nendo's hands a series of tiny shelves amassed together, between which there would be 'tiny and tantalizing spaces just waiting for something to be places on them'. Nichetto proposed giving them a flexible silhouette reminiscent of a speech bubble

Image 112

The new Adidas by Tom Dixon collection is being launched amid the steam trains at Milan's Museum of Science and Technology. For his venture into fashion, the designer has signed a two year deal with the sportswear brand that will see him create four collections

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 113

Dixon has designed a series of bags, each holding a complete kit for a week's stay in Milan. Here are the contents, laid out on a Dixon-designed stretcher

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 114

This unisex boiler suit can be unzipped and reconfigured to create multiple outfits

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 115

A sleeping bag-cum-coat by Tom Dixon for Adidas

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 116

'Full Moon Lamp' by Nika Zupanc for Sé, on show at Spazio Rosanna Orlandi


Image 117

'Jar RGB' by Arik Levy for Lasvit. The Czech glassmaker is presenting pieces from its new 'Lasvit Constellation' collection

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 118

'Nodule', a lighting installation by Ross Lovegrove for Lasvit

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 119

'Patchwork' by Nendo for Lasvit

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 120

'Homune' table by Michael Young for Lasvit

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 121

'Plisse Cloud' by Maurizio Galante for Lasvit

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 122

Mirrors by Zaven for Secondome Edizioni

Image 123

'Cross Pendant' by New Zealand lighting designers Resident at their space in MOST

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 124

 'Hex Pendant' by Resident

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 125

'SW Daybed' by OeO for Stellar Works has received an upholstery update, featuring a contemporary take on a Bauhaus print

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 126

'SW Three-seater Sofa' by OeO at Stellar Works

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Image 127

Depending on which way up you place them, 'Blu', by Norwegian design duo Domaas/Høgh at SaloneSatellite, can be used as a candleholder or a vase

Image 128

A central rotating switch turns Caroline Olsson's blown glass wall lamps on and off

Image 129

Slide open the 'Pencil Light' by Caroline Olsson to reveal a handy desk light and pencil pot

Image 130

Inspired by the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet, and based on the Golden ratio, the 'Fibonacci Cabinets' by design studio Utopia are made from bamboo

Image 131

Olga Bielawska's 'Sirens Floating' table lamps are made from copper and hand blown glass

Image 132

Light shines out through the layers of this wall lamp by Jussi Takkinen

Image 133

Playful, acorn-shaped pendant lights by Helsinki-based designer Maija Puoskari

Image 134

Rui Alves' side table features a built in shelf for storing magazines and papers

Image 135

The convex glass lids of Thomas Jenkins' desk containers magnify the contents, to make finding small items such as keys and coins easier

Image 136

These brass and copper vessels by Finnish designer Matti Syrjä feature finnish birch bark lids

Image 137

Also by Matti Syrjä is a collection of mirrors and LED lamps

Image 138

The LED bars of Korean designer Taewoo Kim's 'Asterix' table lamps can be rotated to create different intensities of light

Image 139

The textured doors of the 'Mr Quin' cabinet by Studio Baag have been sculpted to create a curved effect

Kartell's installation at the fair was a riff on the storefronts of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. Each 'boutique' was dedicated to a designer and their latest offerings for 2013