Snailed it: Jessica McCormack and the Haas Brothers’ playful jewellery

Jessica McCormack and the Haas Brothers give a second jewellery collaboration a swirl

Jessica McCormack and the Haas Brothers’ jewellery: ring resembling paw, seen against snow, with snail, and snail like jewel
(Image credit: Jessica McCormack x Haas Brothers)

Jessica McCormack and the Haas Brothers bring a playful irreverence to fine jewellery, a philosophy they have stayed faithful to in their second collaboration (the first was the Haas Brothers’ jewellery debut, in 2020).

‘This Too Shell Has’, a compact collection of five pieces, nods to the aesthetic and heritage of all the collaborators. The sensually shaped designs reference the koru fern, a motif from McCormack’s native New Zealand, while the Haas Brothers’ oversized snail sculptures, Snails in Comparison, are a clear inspiration.

diamond and gold earrings by Jessica McCormack and the Haas Brothers

(Image credit: Jessica McCormack x Haas Brothers)

For McCormack, the partnership continues to be a natural one. ‘Since the minute I started collaborating with Niki and Simon [Haas], it’s just been easy – I think that’s my favourite thing about creating with them,’ she says. ‘Their work is full of these beautiful shapes and unexpected influences, and it’s all really inspiring to me. I have so much fun stepping into their world.’

The resulting designs celebrate imperfection, in asymmetrical forms and offbeat silhouettes. In the ‘Salty Snail’ pendant, a diamond leans into its pearl-speckled shell. In the ‘Shrinking Snail’ ring, a whorl of irregularly sized diamonds casts a hypnotising spell, while diamonds are cradled in loops of gold in the ‘Studly Snails’ earrings. 

diamond and gold jewellery against snow

(Image credit: Jessica McCormack x Haas Brothers)

‘The challenge lies in the craftsmanship, and that’s why I’m always so proud of what our workshop can achieve,’ adds McCormack. ‘We wanted the shapes to feel soft and playful, and biomorphic, but it takes real skill, and a lot of time to do that when working with diamonds and 18ct gold. And to make something that feels really wearable too – it’s a collection I’m really proud of.’

‘Jessica designs serious diamond jewellery,’ says Niki Haas (McCormack’s jewellery includes engagement rings). ‘But she’s so adept at creating pieces that define our weirdly wonderful aesthetic and her own iconic style. We love what we create together.’


(Image credit: Jessica McCormack x Haas Brothers)

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