High-tech face mask from Will.i.am holds your earbuds and smells divine

Discover the limited-edition new Xuperfab Mask from Will.i.am and Honeywell’s Xupermask brand

Mask connected with airpods
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Technically minded face mask brand Xupermask – the venture of Will.i.am and technology company Honeywell – has unveiled a new limited-edition collection. The new Xuperfab Mask builds on the high-concept codes of the brand’s original masks, launched earlier in 2021, with nods to audio engineering and enhanced wearability.

In this new limited edition, the olfactory experience of the wearer is considered, with scented applications providing a delightful aromatherapy experience. Each fabric mask, designed in LA, comes with a personalised patch system – allowing the wearer to switch up their look as the mood takes them – scented applications, earbud holders and Honeywell filter inserts. The fabric is moisture-resistant, making this a hygienic addition to your face masks wardrobe. 

Face mask on the side, Xuperfab Mask by Will.i.am’s Xupermask brand

Xuperfab Mask

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Xupermask’s first series of designs debuted in April 2021, when Will.i.am partnered with Honeywell to create masks that go one – or five – steps further than your average scrap of fabric. The original Xupermasks, in silicon with mesh fabric sides, boast an advanced ventilation system, as well as an audio control panel, LED lights, noise reduction microphone, and noise-cancelling earbuds. Safety, obviously, is the priority, and the filter inserts have been rigorously tested to keep out the vast majority of particles, with a fresh one used every day.

As an alternative, the limited-edition Xuperfab Mask, which comes in a case with 18 patches, 12 Honeywell filter inserts and 54 scented stickers, offers the wearer the chance to choose which aesthetic they fancy on a daily basis.

‘As Xupermask continues to innovate new concepts and collaborate with Honeywell, I knew there would be more ways to keep safety as a priority. The Xuperfab Mask is the everyday answer to wearing a mask, and personalising,’ says Will.i.am. Adds John Waldron, president and chief executive officer of Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions: ‘Masks and face coverings have become a staple in our day-to-day lives, and consumers are looking for masks that are comfortable and stylish. By combining Honeywell’s protective filter inserts with the Xuperfab Mask, we’re making sure the next generation of masks work harder for those who wear them.’



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