A host of designers have been working to make face masks as useful as possible, beyond their primary function of keeping us safe. Whether imbued with technology to monitor our breathing, hung from our glasses to prevent foggy lenses or multi-layered to keep us cool when working-out, discover the right one (or two, or three) for you.

The recycled masks made from plastic bottles

Woman wearing a peach face mask

The Msk from Petit Pli is carefully considered to ensure optimum sustainability. Created from fabric left over from its childrenswear’s collections, the material itself is derived from recycled fabric sourced from plastic bottles. Thoughtfully designed, the mask encompasses a band worn around the head, giving extra support at the neck and making it easy to slip down and wear as a collar.

The face mask for workouts


While necessary in some situations, wearing a face mask while working out can get uncomfortable. Luckily, Equinox has come to the rescue with its Performance Athletic face mask, one which promises to keep you cool as the temperature rises. Made from three layers – the inner two which will keep the air circulating – it also comes with a removable silicone mask frame, if you seek out structure.

The face mask to stop your glasses fogging

Face masks by Vivienne Westwood and Wires

Glasses brand Wires has collaborated with Vivienne Westwood on a collection of face masks which hang from your glasses. More comfortable to wear, the designs also decreases the chance of your glasses fogging up. These are crafted from colourful off-cut fabric from Vivienne Westwood and have a reversible design for when you fancy a changing up his everyday essential.

The face mask recommended by the World Health Organisation

Face mask knitted with silver

The Silver Life Face Covering knits together silver-based threads for an environmentally-friendly face mask which also meets the World Health Organisation’s recommendations. Silver has antibacterial properties, making it a natural partner for the recycled materials which make up this design, which has a small mesh size, giving it greater filter abilities. Good for up to 100 washes, this is one which will last as well as keep you safe.

The face mask for fashion aficianados


For something with a sartorial spin, look no further than French designer Marine Serre. From half crescent moons to abstract florals, Serre brings signature prints and patterns into her face mask designs, which are crafted from technical jersey and have adjustable straps.

The face mask monitoring your breathing

Face mask and app by Airpop

AirPop’s Active+ face mask works with a sensor to monitor both your breathing and air quality, and then presents the results for you to peruse on the companion app. Tracking breathing patterns – including breaths per minute and breaths per pace – and interesting information such as how many pollutants it has blocked, it lets you tweak your workout and form to achieve full potential. Softly knit and comfortable to wear, its generous pores also encourage air flow and keep you cool.

The face masks for minimalists

Face masks by Sunspel

For comfortable and simple face masks, there’s no beating Sunspel who crafts its face coverings from cotton lined with an anti-bacterial fabric. Available in grey, white and navy, Sunspel donate one face mask to community projects for every one purchased on the website.