Cool and contemporary wedding rings to buy now and wear forever

Wedding bands from Jessica McCormack, Dina Kamal and Sophie Bille Brahe bring chic touches to a symbolic piece

The Rings
Left, Flora Bhattachary, and right, Dina Kimal
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A host of jewellery designers are rethinking the classic form of wedding rings, bringing a design-led edge. Sensual silhouettes or a playful tactility can transform the simple wedding band into something you will never want to take off – which is lucky, really.

Chic new wedding rings

Jessica McCormack

One of Jessica McCormack's wedding bands

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Jessica McCormack’s new wedding bands collection in Fairtrade gold takes its cue from vintage jewellery, in a celebration of texture and warm hues. Here, a simple circle of rose and yellow gold is cinched in with elegant white gold hoops for a more minimalist take.

Sophie Bille Brahe

Wedding rings by Sophie Bille Brahe

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Sophie Bille Brahe’s new collection of wedding bands echoes the fluid silhouettes of her most popular engagement rings. Designed to slot seamlessly into her current pieces, these rings are teased into undulating waves in a sensual celebration of sentimental jewellery. ‘I wanted to capture the essence of effortlessness as well as understated luxury in these new pieces. For me, it is all about capturing the light in simple exclusivity, and effortless designs using diamond as the focal point,’ says Brahe on the new pieces.

Shakti Ellenwood

Gold wedding bands

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The ‘Chooli Ethical Wedding Ring’ in Fairtrade gold is handcrafted by Shakti Ellenwood in her studio in Devon, where she hand-stamps lines around the top and bottom of each piece.

Dina Kamal

Black wedding ring

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Driven by a desire for architectural forms in her designs, Dina Kamal here studs a band in beige or black gold with a geometric pattern of baguette diamonds. ‘Being an architect I always consider form, proportion, context, structure and beauty in everything I do,’ she says.

Flora Bhattachary

Gold ring

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Crafted in a hypnotic pattern of ridged gold, the ‘Matsya Herringbone Patterned Band’ from Flora Bhattachary brings a subtle elegance to a simple design. §

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