‘Positive and a little silly’: children’s jewellery just got fun

Children’s jewellery brand Super Smalls celebrates the joy of dressing up

Bold and colourful children's jewellery and a child with stickers on her face
(Image credit: supersmalls.com)

Indulge your child’s love of dressing up with children’s jewellery that is bold, innocent and fun – and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Children’s accessories brand Super Smalls looks to the joy grown-ups find in fine jewellery, translating the sparkle and glittering colours into affordable pieces for children.

The pieces are irresistible to children’s inner magpies. From colourful earrings, rings and necklaces to shoelace charms and jewelled gloves, the range will enthral children who are never out of the dressing up box.

‘Super Smalls was a true labour of love and a family project at first. My children were attracted to my jewellery, often stealing it for play,’ says Maria Dueñas Jacobs, who drew on her two decades of experience working in fashion and publishing. ‘Super Smalls is about revelling in self-expression and relishing play. We are positive, spirited, and definitely a little extra silly. That all shows up in the product. We wanted kids to feel celebrated.’

Plastic kids shoes on a yellow box

(Image credit: supersmalls.com)

Details are carefully considered to ensure fun is paramount. In the ‘Opening Night Play Shoes’, a jewel-filled heel adds a rattle to every step, while swimming goggles are laced in a rainbow of ‘gems’. Thanks to an emphasis on lightweight and mobile materials, all pieces remain under $50. ‘Our acrylic “diamonds” fool even the most discerning kids (and some adults!),’ adds Jacobs. ‘We also add elastic and stretch wherever we can, so our items are comfy and easy to use. I think it was the joy of the extravagant and my personal take on how that translates for a child’s eye that gave the experiment real life.’

How would Jacobs herself define her brand? ‘High fashion meets high fun! I like to say that we are Miu Miu meets Melissa & Doug.’

Box of beads for children

(Image credit: supersmalls.com)

Necklace and rings in a yellow box

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