Summery jewellery good enough to eat

Summery jewellery is more delicious than ever

Jewellery with fruit and vegetables on bracelets and earrings
Jewellery by Ninfa Handmade
(Image credit: press)

If ever there was a time to indulge your cravings, it is now. Enjoy a multitude of treats, whether it's crunchy raw veg or all the sweetness of sugar without the crashing comedown 

Ninfa Handmade

Gold chain with a yellow lemon pendant

(Image credit: ninfahandmade)

Argentinian-based brand Ninfa Handmade crafts playful silhouettes in glass, metal, porcelain and resin. A focus on sustainability means products are thoughtfully crafted by artisans who have fun with designs that encompass tasty treats such as cherries, corn on the cob and lemons.

10 Decoart

10 Decoart's raspberry jewellery is good enough to eat

(Image credit: 10decoart)

Polish jewellery brand 10 Decoart is inspired by la dolce vita for its latest collection which hangs lemons, wild strawberries, raspberries and flowers from pearls and golden links. The painter-turned-jeweller behind the brand embraces vibrant hues of colour for jewels which will nicely tide us over until summer.

Maison Margiela

maison margiela jewellery

(Image credit: maison margiela)

Maison Margiela have adapted the biodegradable jewellery from their Artisanal show into tasty-looking tongue-in-cheek adornments. Created using 3D printing and carefully hand-painted, these pieces are making it easy for us to get our five a day.


satsufa earrings

(Image credit: Safsafu)

‘The idea of a candy collection came to my mind on a hungover Sunday morning,' admits Safu Seghatoleslami. ‘My husband left to buy food and came back with all kinds of candies, which gave me the idea for my collection.' Indeed, Safsafu’s irreverent brand of jewellery is an easy indulgence. Their range of sweetie fashion jewellery – which includes marshmallows, cotton candy and jelly beans – plays on bold pop art themes. ‘Candies appeal to the child inside us,' Seghatoleslami adds. ‘I wanted every person viewing our collection to feel like a kid in a candy store.' These gummy bears, when cast in gold-plated brass and paired with pearls, become tempting treats for your lobes.

Alina Abegg

Alina abegg jewellery

(Image credit: Alina Abegg)

Alina Abegg’s Sugar High collection translates everyone’s favourite sweets into fine jewellery. Stoned cherry hoops become deliciously bright rounds of rubellite, while earrings in dangling rainbows of gems are a precious pick and mix. ‘Looking at PEZ candies, I was inspired to transform the pastel hues and iconic shapes into colourful, geometric fine pieces,’ says Abegg. ‘I explored the whole candy shop.’ Her lollipop necklace in yellow gold and orange moonstone, pictured here, is almost good enough to eat.

Crystal Haze

crystal haze necklace

(Image credit: crystal haze)

‘What we find appealing with the gummy design is that they remind us of our childhood,’ say Ophelia Alickaj and Sara Vlatkovic of young Norwegian jewellery brand Crystal Haze. They bring an easy wearability to their jewellery, crafting their so-called Nostalgia bears in resin which are available with or without heavy rows of gold-plated chains.

Calla Lily

Calla Lily Jewellery

(Image credit: Calla Lily)

Emily Tan, founder of fine jewellery brand Calla Lily, uses a plethora of colourful stones for her creations which take inspiration from the natural world for modular jewels which can be worn an assortment of ways. Her bespoke pieces are especially delicious – this ice-cream brooch unites a bi-colour tourmaline, sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds for a precious take on the trend.


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