After working nearly exclusively with metal for the last five years, Charlotte Chesnais has included pearls in her nine-piece capsule collection for Matches Fashion. It marks a turning point in the Parisian designer’s typically sculptural aesthetic. ‘Now feels like the right time to add something new to my work,’ says Chesnais. ‘I have been curious about pearls for a while but needed to find the right balance to integrate it into my existing collections. The shape and colours of the pearls add texture which I find really interesting.’

The uneven shapes of the natural pearls are an organic complement to the graceful twists of gold vermeil and silver which are Chesnais’ trademark. Nestled in the curve of an earring or punctuating the smooth loop of a ring, they add a warmth to simple silhouettes. ‘My starting point was the pearl: how to make it coexist with my work without denaturing it. The simplest things are often the most beautiful, but the challenge here was making sure that the signatures of my main line were still identifiable in this capsule collection. This is the same process as when I work around a specific diamond or stone for a special project,’ she adds.

charlotte chesnais earring


charlotte chesnais

A limited series of abstract sculptures, pictured above, will be released alongside the jewellery, an extension of Chesnais’ first exhibition at last year’s Hyères International Festival Fashion and Photography. Hand forged in bronze, the pieces celebrate volume on a large scale, echoing the preoccupation with clean lines and empty space we see encapsulated in her jewels.

The pieces will be launching exclusively at Matches Fashion in a timely collaboration for the online retailer who saw a significant uptick in jewellery sales over lockdown. ‘I think customers feel more confident in making considered purchases which feel like a timeless investment,’ says Matches Fashion jewellery buyer Tanika Wisdom. Charlotte Chesnais’ sculptural pieces are a natural addition: ‘She creates wearable pieces of art. They are unique, easy to wear and make a real statement.’ §

charlotte chesnais ring
charlotte chesnais