Light up with Boochier’s neon fine jewellery

New jewellery pieces from Boochier edge diamonds in neon enamel

Woman wearing neon and diamond jewllery on her fingers, and a yellow neon and diamond ring pictured alone
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Neon isn’t just for your walls, and in the hands of fine jewellery brand Boochier it becomes both precious and playful. The Hong Kong-based brand outlines curves of diamonds and precious stones and metals in brilliant and bold enamel, making for casually chic earrings, bracelets and rings.

New pieces encompass this effortlessness, with the ‘UFO’ bangle and ring drawing loops of 18ct enamelled gold in both neon and pastel hues. ‘We want people to be able to have fun with their fine jewellery in the same way that people have fun with their clothes and shoes,’ says founder and designer Melinda Zeman. ‘If you can buy a bright lime green handbag, why can’t you buy a bright orange diamond paved ring?’

Pink neon earrings

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Fluid silhouettes and zinging neon hues

The jewellery taps into this playfulness; made to be worn every day, it avoids staid connotations by interlinking neon with diamonds or looping it around gold for fluid silhouettes, treading the line between elegant and edgy. ‘I am such a perfectionist when it comes to colour – this was the most challenging aspect for me,’ adds Zeman. ‘Getting the colour just right so the colourways work well with each other, but also so that they are equal doses of statement and elegance. Finding the exact right shades of each colour is an absolute art and something we pride ourselves on.’

The zinging hues are a cheerful antidote to traditional fine jewellery. ‘You can learn so much about a person from the jewellery they wear,’ points out Zeman. ‘Fine jewellery has always been such a traditional and conservative space, yet people are no longer traditional or conservative in the same way, so I wanted our jewellery to express this. I wanted to create something that told a story that can resonate with young people.’

Yellow neon and diamond bracelet

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Blue neon and diamond ring

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