Birthstone lockets are sentimental without being sickly sweet in the hands of Annoushka Ducas, whose new collection of Birthstone Locket Charms, from her brand Annoushka, features a rainbow of candy-coloured gems in a white diamond frame. The jewellery designer was drawn to the history of birthstones, which are here rethought with a contemporary sensibility.

‘I have always felt as though gemstones and particularly birthstones speak to the individual,’ she says. ‘Looking back through history, birthstones have always been used as symbols of luck, protection and strength. Hundreds of years ago, they would have been worn by royalty or religious figures, whereas today they are part of our everyday lives – little talismans which remind us of the unique moment each of us arrived on this planet and in that moment, the connection we have to the sun and moon throughout our lives.’

Birthstone lockets make contemporary charms

yellow gold locket with blue stone

In the new collection, the precious stones are square-cut in a modern interpretation of historical design codes. The birthstone jewellery comprises lockets with a hidden space just big enough for a lock of hair or miniature photo.

‘Sentimentality and narrative are so intrinsic to my jewellery – and I love finding ways of adding a hidden detail – known only to the wearer,’ Ducas says. ‘Birthstones are all about our identity, so it seemed obvious to make these new charms as lockets, so that you can make yours truly personal by hiding something extra within, like a photograph or secret note.’

Twelve designs encompass sweet sorbet shades, with a 13th setting four white diamonds into a simple graphic design. ‘I absolutely love coloured gemstones and often think combinations, such as peridot and pink sapphire, look good enough to eat,’ says Ducas. ‘My new 18ct yellow gold birthstone lockets are a playful addition to my extensive charm collection – which are all about fun and storytelling. At a glance you could mistake them for very beautiful and precious gold wrapped sweeties with a twinkling gemstone at their centre – yummy!’ §

diamond locket
pink locket