Love at first sight: Agmes gives bridal jewellery a cool spin

The new bridal jewellery collection from Agmes rethinks traditional forms

Woman in bridal wear
(Image credit: Agmes)

‘As I was designing these pieces, I was also planning my own wedding and thinking about what kinds of pieces I wanted to wear,’ Morgan Solomon, co-founder of Agmes, tells us. ‘I gravitated toward distinctive and enduring forms – sculptural bracelets, statement earrings – and the vitality that colour can bring. I also considered how to combine different elements in ways that defied the traditions of bridal jewellery, from experimenting with bolder proportions to pairing baroque pearls with lapis, embracing organic shapes to create pieces that are perfectly imperfect.’

woman wearing cuff

(Image credit: Agmes)

It is a philosophy that takes shape in an endearingly eclectic bridal jewellery collection composed of pieces including sculptural cuffs, oversized earrings and offbeat wedding ring forms.

‘These pieces bring our signature balance of vitality and simplicity to a new level while maintaining our commitment to designing pieces that are appealing to the eye, inviting to the touch, and destined to become an heirloom,’ Solomon adds. ‘Each one was designed in dialogue with the body. We consider aspects such as scale, texture, and weight, so that even the most sculptural piece is easy to wear – on the big day and beyond.’

woman in wedding dress

(Image credit: Agmes)

The new collection sees the reintroduction of the cuff, a piece the brand took a break from producing until the team felt able to perfect it. The resulting jewellery encompasses a sculpturally sleek form, in an elegant embrace of the wrist. It sits alongside a new welcoming use of colour and play with proportions, making for bridal jewellery that’s more cool than classic and the perfect complement for alternative bridal wear.

‘Since launching Agmes in 2016, we’ve had friends, family members, even strangers come to us for special wedding day pieces. It’s not a market we had initially expected to enter, but it came quite naturally, and interest in bridal pieces has grown steadily over the last several years. Between the volume of wedding requests we’ve received this past year, as well as the joy from planning my own wedding recently, now feels like the right time to focus on this market.’

gold bangle

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woman in white necklace

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woman in veil

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