For your consideration…starring Audemars Piguet, Pullman Hotels, Bentley, Samsung, LG SIGNATURE, Harrods, The Macallan and Vans, this new Wallpaper* showreel is a portfolio of our recent work in the motion picture industry.

Since the inception of digital media Wallpaper* has collaborated closely with our clients to make short films, travelogues and interview content that intelligently fulfils a brief but stays true to the journalistic codes and aesthetics of our magazine.

Listening closely to requisite brand and campaign guidelines, our in-house creative team works on concepts, storyboards, scripts and casting, commissioning cutting-edge directors, filmmakers and animators to generate stimulating and memorable video content. Wallpaper* films the stuff that surrounds us and astounds us.

For more information, contact:

Sarah-Jane Molony

Bespoke Director

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