’Momentum’ by United Visual Artists

Inspired by Foucault’s pendulum, United Visual Artists set up a mesmerising series of oscillating objects in the dark void of London’s Barbican Centre

United Visual Artists 'Momentum' project comprises a series of 12 objects that slowly oscillated in the dark void of the Barbican Gallery's 90m long Curve space. The installation takes its cue from the idea of Foucault's pendulum (opens in new tab) - an instrument designed to visualise invisible forces, such as the Earth's rotation. Every single part of the project - from the electronics to the mechanics - was researched and custom-built by UVA over nine months. Each swinging element had it's own 3D-printed acoustic-chamber, playing out a broad-textural soundtrack, and a light source that cuts a 360 degree plane through the smoke-filled void.