View of the roof top pool and row of red and white lounge beds at Soho House. There is also a view of nearby buildings and trees under a blue sky
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It almost feels as if a hotel is opening in Barcelona every other day. The latest to surface over the radar is the latest outpost of Soho House in the city’s lively Gothic Quarter. And that is probably the secret to the group’s stamina – an unerring sense of a city’s sweet spot, here manifested by an unbeatable proximity to the Palau Güell museum, La Basílica de la Mercè, the Colombus monument, buzzy Las Ramblas and the Mediterranean sea, alongside a casual haul of boutiques, tapas bars and vintage stores.

Nick Jones and his in-house team have transformed a heritage-listed 19th-century block of apartments into a slick 57-room retreat with a sleek roof top pool and views over the Port Vell marina. If you detect a soft Moorish hint in the décor, it’s because the mood board is littered with classic Catalan references by way of exposed brick ceiling vaults, local ceramic tiles, vintage bronze fittings and mosaic floors and bar tops.

The interior courtyard is set off by an open kitchen from which chef Michele Granziera sends out mango-scented sea bass ceviche, and calamari paired with spicy aioli.

Interior view of the reception area at Soho House featuring two wooden counters with a white, red and green floral pattern at the front. There is also wooden flooring, exposed brick walls, an arch, glass doors and windows with black and brown frames, a multicoloured patterned rug, a tall geometric plant pot with a green plant, chairs, a cream coloured chandelier and multiple lamps

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Interior view of the bar and seating area at Soho House featuring a white and exposed brick ceiling, sphere lighting, columns, off-white coloured painted brick walls, a red padded style bar front with a dark patterned counter top, blue and brass coloured chairs and a round wooden table and chairs with multicoloured patterned cushions. There are multiple bottles of drinks behind the bar and a window with shutters

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Interior view of a room at Soho House featuring a white ceiling, a pendant light with multiple spheres, pale green panelled walls, wooden flooring and a dark wood bed with white and patterned pillows, white linen, a dual coloured striped throw and a double arch headboard. There is also a window with curtains, a dark orange and black diamond patterned rug, a dark wood chest of drawers with a tv on top, a dark teal armchair, wooden side tables with lamps and a phone, a floor lamp, three wall lamps and a round wooden table with a chair

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