A short walk from Gudbrandsjuvet river gorge is Juvet, a retreat nestled in one of Norway’s most picturesque forests. Entrepreneur Knut Slinning began complex negotiations with local conservation authorities six years ago, promising to leave the reserve’s terrain untouched in order to gain permission to construct seven cabin suites. This year, Slinning re-enlisted Oslo-based Jensen & Skodvin Architects to complete two new additions: modern interpretations of stabbur, traditional Norwegian grain storehouses. Constructed entirely from timber and raised on bolted steel stilts, the new cabins are positioned on the most topographically challenging slant of the hotel’s 1,000 acres. The windows, which have been carefully placed for optimum views, have frames decorated by Norwegian artist Knut Wold, adding a pop of colour to the otherwise muted palette of the cabins.