Room with bed, couch, desk with single chair and lamp, patterned wallpaper
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Sited near Rotterdam's soaring cable-stayed bridge at the edge of the water, Hotel Mainport's dark façade - created by MAS Architecture - complements the futuristic face of the city with its wide glass windows that offer grand views of the largest seaport in Europe. Designed by interiors specialist, Feran Thomassen, the interiors of the 215-room Inntel Group property are sultry and dramatic with rich fabrics and deep colours. Every floor is different, with North American, Arctic and European themes subtly incorporated. Added perks are a full service spa and the quay-level cocktail bar that features floor to ceiling windows.

Room with white linen and walls, feature wall with patterned blue wallpaper

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Bathroom with large bath and table, Curtain cover large window and wallpapered wall, wooden floors

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Leuvehaven 77
3011 EA Rotterdam