The interior of Tsumamigui restaurant in Tokyo
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When Japan’s largest sushi-chain Sushiro decided to boost the image of its rather bland interiors, they turned to Oki Sato and his team at Nendo. The resulting Tsumamigui is a chic monotone affair positioned as a 'Smart Sushi Dining' experience. Nendo headed all the design elements, including uniforms, tableware and logo, resulting in a unified and clean interior, with a variety of seating options and noticeable no sushi counter or conveyer-belt in sight. If well received by discerning young Japanese OL’s (office ladies) who are the main target of the design, there is a good chance we might see many more of these popping up around Tokyo.

The interior of Tsumamigui

(Image credit: press)

Inside photos of Tsumamigui

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1 Chome-30-10 Aobadai
Tokyo-to 153-0042