Aman’s cabana pop-up shop arrives with an eye to sustainability

Find the new Aman cabana pop-up shop, in collaboration with Luxury Frontiers, at Amanpuri in Phuket, Thailand, and coming soon elsewhere

aman cabana pop-up shop on a beach
(Image credit: Courtesy of Aman)

The Aman cabana pop-up shop is part of the 35th-anniversary celebrations of the leader in discreet luxurious getaways. The hospitality brand commissioned Luxury Frontiers, an architectural design firm from South Africa and the US, to create an eco-conscious mobile retail concept that is first popping up at Amanpuri in Phuket, Thailand.

First Aman cabana pop-up shop arrives in Thailand

Aman cabana pop-up shop in a beach setting with a Thai-inspired roof

(Image credit: Courtesy of Aman)

The idea is simple but effective. It involves an elegant, mobile pop-up shop that can be moved around different Aman properties while maintaining the brand’s distinct identity. The cabana, which is pre-manufactured, can be assembled and disassembled within 12 hours without specialised equipment or skills; this makes it an easy project to test in different locations. Following the trial in Amanpuri, the tents will move to Amangiri in spring 2024 and Amanzoe in 2025, with an interchangeable roof design to reflect each geographical setting.

Aman's new mobile cabana in a beach setting with a Thai-inspired roof

(Image credit: Courtesy of Aman)

The venture will allow Aman to showcase bespoke products from each region in the same space, making it feel unique yet on-brand wherever it pops up. Aman Essentials, the group’s own shopping line, comprises luxury skincare products, Italian leather bags and accessories and fragrances. An addition to the group’s existing shopping areas within each resort, the cabana trial facilitates a more enriching experience in touch with nature, allowing guests to shop in the sun beside the water, for example.

A wooden table with a pile of suitcases on top and a few caps

(Image credit: Courtesy of Aman)

Modular design, such as that used for the Aman cabana, is an eco-friendly, non-invasive solution that minimises heavy construction, offering a transformative approach to developing experiential accommodations such as resorts, lodges, and camps. It provides flexibility while significantly reducing environmental impact. When the Aman cabana is no longer needed as a retail space, it can easily be repurposed as a kids’ play area, dining pavilion or similar structure without changes to the original design.

Close-up of a candle and suitcase offerings in the shop

(Image credit: Courtesy of Aman)

Overview of the retail space inside the Aman cabana, where rails display summer clothing

(Image credit: Courtesy of Aman)
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