Gekko House — Frankfurt, Germany

Gekko House Bedroom, bed, side table, ottoman
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Gekko Group’s founders, Micky Rosen and Alex Urseanu are no strangers to design-led hotels, with a portfolio that includes celebrated properties like Roomers, The Pure and Gerbermühle.

Their latest opening, Gekko House, in Frankfurt’s emerging Gallus district, is equally aesthetics driven, nodding to the area’s industrial character but introducing whimsical flourishes that speak to its increasing prominence as a creative hub.

Morgen Interiors headed up design and the 128 guestrooms marry imposing exposed concrete walls with velvet seating, hand-blown glass light fixtures and pale wood flooring – a compelling tale of tactility and texture.

The pocket-sized lobby, meanwhile, aims to envelop, with cherry wood paneling and tapestries astride deep olive walls. The signature bar and restaurant, Chicago Williams, is at the heart of the project’s public offer – an offshoot of a Berlin-born concept specializing in cured meats and German beers. Here the tenor is more vivacious, with crimson accents, robust oak tables and flashes of copper. 

Gekko House bedroom, bed, lighting

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Gekko House lounge, bathtub, view

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Gekko House room

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Mainzer Landstraße 167