The hotel of choice for many Munich-based families for three decades, Ulrichshof has just expanded to include a further 41 rooms and suites, a new central lobby, spa area and updated restaurant. Planted within the woody, low-lying planes of the Bavarian forest, the resort – once predominantly a child-orientated haven  – has just changed tack to accommodate the parents too. Initiated by Ulrich Brandl, whose father used to farm on the land, the hotel’s new addition has been designed by architecture firm NOA, who drew inspiration from the mythical atmosphere of the surrounding forest as well as the wickedness of traditional German fairytales such as Hansel and Gretel and Rumpelstiltskin. The result is a whimsical and grown up extension, which has been seamlessly connected to the existing building via a 40-metre glass corridor, which includes a cinema. Take advantage of the all-day professional childcare while wallowing in one of the five saunas, which are strictly off limits to children, of course.