Bars in Helsinki
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When Antti Eerikäinen asked Studio Joanna Laajisto to design a bar inspired by 60s Italian lounge and 70s French cosmic disco, there was method to his madness. For at Jackie, while the pizza menu by Antto Melasniemi – the inventive chef behind Helsinki stalwarts like Ateljé Finne and Putte’s –  is a draw,  it’s the DJ that reigns supreme.

This being Helsinki, the acid patterns and glittering surfaces associated with such a musical brief were eschewed in favour of a more sophisticated, moody aesthetic. Walls are a steely green, tabletops and flooring are marble, and furnishings are wood (banded Sapele and Walnut) the latter used to silken effect in Konstantin Grcic’s origami-esque ‘Medici’ chairs.

The segmented tan leather sofa running the length of one wall and greyhound-brown curtains are Laajisto’s sole concessions to decadence in this austere, yet inviting space that is part boutique hotel lobby, part mid-century Milanese bar.

Bars in Finland

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Chairs and interiors at bars

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Jackie bar, Helsinki

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